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Ladies, at last there is porn out there for YOU!
Here are our recommendations for the best quality porn for women sites!

For The Girls - a women's magazine with porn added. Lots of naked men and couples photos and movies, but also articles, stories and columns written in house. All the content is chosen because it will appeal to women, and the writing has a strong pro-sex, pro-woman slant. Plenty of humor as well. (Picture featured is a screenshot of the members area)

Pure Cunnilingus - this site offers photos and movies of men giving cunnilingus to women. This is the only site of its kind on the internet, as most "muff diving" in porn is female-to-female.  Also has exclusively written fiction, sex tips, swathes of information about cunnilingus and access to a number of other women's sites, including Hardcore for Her, Female Fantasies, Sensual Couples, Masturbating Men and Erect Men. - thoroughly touchy-feely, this site offers a gentle, sensual introduction into the world of porn for women. Lots of articles and advice, and tastefully shot photographs, many of which are exclusive. Sssh employs are large team of writers and is part of a larger porn stable.

Couples Pleasure Dome - if you love porn movies but you're sick of wading through all the crap... this site is for you. It features downloadable scenes from high quality films, all chosen because they are aimed at women and couples. Includes a great sex guide as well. You also get free instant access to over 140 other movie sites.
Masturbating Men - thousands of photos of sexy guys getting naked and jerking off. This site has been made by a woman, for women, and also includes exclusively written erotic fiction. Plus instant free access to heaps of other sites including Pure Cunnilingus! Masturbating Men

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